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Harmony & Theory - Music Theory - Grades Preparation - Improvisation & Composition


- There are so many practical ways to apply 'music theory' practically....... that makes me just love this field so much. It is inspiration to compose, to write, to understand my own instrument and it might also help pass some exams that you have to take. But really, why not use all those helpful skills to make some great music too?



Here some fields within 'theory':

- technicalities & terminology

- preparation for exams

- learn skills to write different types of music

- learn skills to learn any kind of music quicker

- learn skills to be more flexible when you play with other musicians

- learn skils to improvise as a rock, pop, blues and jazz musician

- make written versions of your own songs for your fellow band members to play your music 

- write arrangements for your jazz band, your brass section etc.


All of this is extremely helpful for any type of musician expanding his musical horizon.

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