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In the beginning I was just like any 'good' beginner wanting desperately to know 'how that guitar works'. I am grateful to all those passionate teachers for helping me on the way! In return I am trying to pass on all the good things I have learned from them: as guitarists and as teachers.

My mission as a teacher is to show how 'it' works, and try to break it down in the most accesible way possible. There are also a few things that you need to know and be able to master like technique, some reading, knowing plenty of chords, understanding and practising different rhythms (to name just a  few). It is fundamental for a student to love the sound of the pure instrument: so that the so-called technical exercise become part of the joy. Because of that many practise was always fun to me - from the beginning on.


Teachers have to be patient and like their job! Please don't ever teach just for the money and think secretely 'why am I doing this, I should be on stage!.' That ruins other people's passion and joy for music, and your students will hopefully go somewhere else for lessons. 


I always try to teach the music and songs that the student likes. Some students also seek inspiration from their teacher - and I am more than happy to share the music that I like and love. This page is about my students and my teaching so I will only write a bit about myself as a musician:

For more details you can visit my musician websites (, ). 

I love music and I enjoy passing it on.

La Pompe Manouche having a jam in Central Park - in between gigs of our "Tour of New York" tour in the Big Apple. 2010

Playing with Alex Root Trio at Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt, Germany.

Playing a gig with Root Vocal Trio at Mosaik Jazz Bar, Frankfurt, Germany

With La Pompe Manouche in Shoreditch, London, before a gig. 2012

Playing a gig at Tagine Dining in Manhattan, NY. 'Tour of New York' with La Pompe Manouche. 2010

Poster for the gig at the Bohemia in Finchley, London. 2013

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